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Spray Foam Insulation fort lauderdale, miami, west palm beach

Kelly Spray Foam Insulation is The Most Recommended Spray Foam Insulation Company in West Palm BeachFort Lauderdale Miami – Key West – Key Largo – Key Colony Beach – Islamorada and all of South Florida.

Spray Foam Insulation for the home is what Kelly Insulation is famous for. Our process is like no other. First we remove all debris from your attic. Then vacuum the attic and wipe down any mechanical devices, (A.C. units, air handlers, water heaters ex). After your attic is all clean and unwanted items are removed, we then fog your attic with a anti-microbial product that kills all mold, viruses, fungi, and allege throughout your attic. As a bonus we will also fog your AC ducts for free.

This will aid in stopping the spread of cold and flu like virus throughout your home.


After all that is done we now spray five and a half inches of open cell foam to the underside of your roof deck following the roof line all the way down to the exterior wall. Foaming off all ventilation to your attic now gives you a closed attic assembly. The attic will become a semi conditioned area. Since your attic is now sealed off it has less of a chance for pest to enter the attic, (spiders, insects, rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, snakes), we’ve seen it all.


A sealed off attic stops rain water intrusion and keeps your attic clean. Now that the spray foam insulation is at the top of the attic it puts your dew point at the roof level, not the drywalled ceiling. Therefore no mold in attic or walls of your home. The energy savings of spray foam over the best level of fiberglass insulation is about four times.

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